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Playground Markings

Brighten up your playground with colourful and fun markings at an affordable price. Children love to play and make up games with playground markings.


The surface needs to be free of debris and dirt, this can be simple as sweeping the surface or using and petrol blower to shift the dirt from the area. In worse cases, the surface may have to be pressure washed to remove the dirt and leave the surface clean for the application of the markings.

Paint on Playground Markings

We can apply any playground markings you would like, on floors or walls, the only limitation is your imagination. We can incorporate existing and new features already on the playground into the markings maximising space and fun for the children. Using paint is the cheapest option for playground markings, we would apply the paint using either a paint brush or line marking machine, or a combination of both to achieve the final product.

Below are just a few examples of playground markings we have done in the past using hard wearing floor paint.





Thermoplastic Playground Markings

Preformed thermoplastic markings provide a long life, hard wearing solution. These markings are melted onto the surface and can beused within minutes of being applied.

Examples of Thermoplastic Playground Markings we have done in the past:





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