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Tennis Court Cleaning

Professional Tennis Court Cleaning

Tennis court cleaning is important to maintain a safe playing area whilst also maximizing the life of the court. Regular washing of a tennis court helps prevent the build up of moss, algae and dirt that can cause the surface to become slippery and dangerous to play on.

Club Tennis Court Cleaning

Dualway Courts maintains a lot of the tennis club courts throughout the UK on a regular basis. We aim to have all the courts washed and prepared in time for the tennis season at the start of the year. However for a good successful wash of a tennis court, the ground must be free of frost and so we aim to begin pressure washing as soon as the frosts are gone around March time.

2012-03-08 11.53.20In addition to this start of season cleaning, we can advise you on any maintenance we think may need to be a carried out on your courts in the following year to stay ahead and avoid large unexpected expenses later on. It is common while we are there we can tighten up fence wires, and re-stitch holes that have appeared, something that if left will get worse and worse.

Tennis court cleaning reveals a lot about the surface, we can advise you on when you should next expect to have the courts re-painted, and whether or not it requires a tarmac binder to slow down the decay of the surface.

Private Tennis Court Cleaning

Very much the same applys to private courts as it does with club tennis courts. We will advise you on the health of your courts and any maintenance required to keep them up to scratch. We clean private courts as and when the customer calls to have them cleaned, however during the start of the season, we give priority to the club match courts.

Whats involved with cleaning a tennis court?

2012-03-07 11.53.56We use a rotary arm that holds 2 high pressure nozzles just centimeters from the surface, as we walk up and down the court, this removes all the moss and dirt from deep in the pours of tarmac. The rotary arm is adjusted for pressure and height according to the type of surface and 15+ years of experience, we aim to maximize the cleaning power as well as minimizing the wear and tear to the surface.

Once the moss and dirt has been lifted from the surface, we use a lance starting from the middle, and wash it all off the edge leaving you a perfectly clean surface to play on.

Why cant I just treat the moss?

Treating the moss doesn’t get rid of it, It dies but remains on the surface, in the pours of the tennis court and continues to block drainage and in turn, brings along more moss.
The best course of action for a clean tennis court is having it professionally cleaned, ridding of all moss and dirt on the court all together.

What do you need to clean my court?

A nearby water supply – Please inform us if your water supply is of a low pressure, or if it is a long way from the courts, as we can use other methods to get round this, like using a water bowser.

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It is shown that having your tennis court cleaned regularly greatly benefits the health and life span of your courts.

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