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Indoor Tennis Court Cleaning

Indoor Tennis Court Cleaning

Indoor tennis court cleaning is no problem for us. With the aid of trailer mounted wet and dry vacuum capable of sucking debris from over 250 meters away, we can pressure wash indoor courts and remove all the dirt and water back out of the building without the risk of flooding.


Why would indoor courts need cleaning?

  • Dirty shoes from outside.
  • Rubber wearing off of shoes.
  • Tennis ball fluff.
  • Player perspiration.
  • Player deodorant sprays.

Indoor courts don't get the natural rain to wash away any contaminants or dirt on the surface, they may become dirty and slippery over time.

In the event that your courts are due to repainting because grit in the paint has worn down, they will need washing to remove all debris in the pours of the court, and remove any oils on the surface which may prevent the new coat of paint from adhering to the surface properly.

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