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Tennis Court Lining

Tennis, Netball, Basketball and More...

For tennis courts, netball courts, basketball courts and more….

Are the lines on your sports court becoming slippery or fading? At Dualway Courts we will professionally apply new lines to sports courts on a regular basis. We only use the most appropriate method of line marking for the surface of your court.

Tarmac tennis court lining

When we paint lines for tarmac tennis courts, we use an extra textured paint to ensure the best finish. With over 15 years’ experience of painting tennis court lines, the team at Dualway Courts understand the best results come from applying the paint with a brush and steady hand.

Our properly applied lines will last for several years; applied in a thick coat that’ll take a lot of wear and tear before starting to wear out.

We can also apply non-textured tennis court lines to a tarmac court using a line marker.

Grey-green tennis court lining

Over the years, the team at Dualway Courts have learned exactly how to get the best results when applying lines to grey-green tennis courts. Before we apply the paint, we’ll brush down or blow away any grit where the line will be painted.

Once everything’s properly prepared, we’ll paint new tennis lines with a brush and white textured paint.

Artificial turf tennis court lining


We use a line marking machine to apply tennis lines to artificial turf using a chlorinated rubber paint, capable of adjusting to the constant movement of artificial turf without flaking off. Perfect if you want a bold, solid line whilst maintaining a turf tennis court.




Other sports lines

The team of Dualway Courts will happily apply various lines on your court, including:

  • Netball court lines
  • Basketball court lines
  • Football field lines
  • 5-a-side lines
  • Mini-tennis court lines
  • Short tennis court lines
  • Any set of lines you require

For more information about our tennis line painting service, call us on 07970 553 581 or contact us online for your free quote.