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Tennis Court Painting

Professional Tennis Court Painting and Lining


Professional tennis court painting and lining

Dualway Courts have over 10 years of experience in tennis court painting, working with hundreds of private individuals, tennis clubs and recreational tennis courts. By utilising cutting-edge airless spray painting technology, we will apply more than the 150 litres needed to give your tennis courts an even and professional finish. With Dualway Courts, your tennis courts will soon be looking and playing perfectly.


We use the best in tennis court paint

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Our tennis court painting is carried out with a high quality water-based acrylic paint, ensuring it’s well-suited for both macadam and concrete tennis courts. We use grit in our tennis court paint that meets and exceeds the Lawn Tennis Association for slip resistance in both wet and dry conditions, ensuring you benefit from a non-slip surface tennis court.

Prepare for your tennis court painting

Before your tennis court painting, you will need to prepare by having the surface of the court cleaned. At Dualway Courts, we insist that we wash your court before we re-paint it as the adhesion of the paint depends on how clean the surface is before applying the paint. Find out more about our tennis cleaning service here.

If you have newly-laid tarmac, we will need to wait for 4-5 weeks for the oils in the tarmac to evaporate before we can start painting. We can, however, apply rough temporary tennis court lines once the tarmac has been laid if you need to use the courts in these initial 4-5 weeks.

What happens next?

After we’ve cleaned your tennis court of moss and debris, we’ll advise you on any additional work your tennis court needs to look and perform at its best.

Tarmac Binder -This acrylic coating will help to sustain the surface of your tennis court and can either be applied to your entire court or on problem areas to prolong the surface. Tarmac binder is particularly useful applied to courts under trees or shade where moss easily grows. We will then apply tennis court paint to give you a non-slip surface.

Patching Holes and Cracks – Before we paint your tennis court, we’ll patch up small holes and crack, paying particular attention to the actual playing zone of the court. Depending on the extent of the repairs you need, you may want to read more about our tennis court repairs.

Bumps in the Surface -We have the ability to knock down bumps in the surface of your tennis court by heating up the tarmac until it’s soft and smoothing it down again. The results will vary depending on the age of the surface and how prone it is to softening when reheated.

Tennis court lining

The team at Dualway Courts believe is good old fashioned paintbrushes and elbow grease to paint the lines of your tennis court, as it gives the best possible line that outlasts any spray-on line. Your tennis court lines are applied first due to the unpredictability of the weather.

If we have to abort a job for the day due to the weather, at least you have the lines on your court, allowing you to play until the next sunny day we can return. After applying your tennis court lines, we tape them up before applying the colour coating to give you the neatest possible line.

You can also choose the option of a double thickness baseline (3-4 inch line), which typically helps players to see the baseline opposite them more easily from the opposite end of the court. For this reason, double thickness baselines are often applied to club courts used for professional matches.

When is the best time for tennis court painting?

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Tennis court painting is extremely weather dependent, making it very seasonal work. We usually start painting tennis courts in mid-April until mid-October when the sun is highest in the sky. It’s important that overnight temperatures are over 5oC for the paint to sufficiently harden and cure.

How long do I need to wait until I can play on my tennis court?

Once we’ve painted your tennis court, you won’t be able to play there for 3-4 days. Whilst the paint will be dry and waterproof before we drive away, the paint still needs to undergo a curing process. This is rapid at first, but takes 3 to 4 days to ensure the paint is hard enough to play on. By playing on your tennis court before the paint has had enough time to cure may leave scuff marks on the court from your shoes and tennis ball.

I want my tennis court painted!

Dualway Courts paint all private, recreation and club tennis courts throughout the UK. For your free tennis court painting quote, simply get in touch online or call 01325 317880 today.


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