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Tennis Court Repairs

The team at Dualway Courts carry out hundreds of tennis court repairs every year, helping private individuals and tennis clubs to keep their courts is good condition. Keeping your court maintained is vital, not only to ensure they remain safe to play on, but because the quality of tennis courts will quickly deteriorate at an increasing rate.

Protect your tennis courts – have them repaired

There are a number of different reasons you need to have your tennis courts repaired, but here are a number of common reasons our clients call us:

  • Tree Root Damage
  • Cracking
  • Fallen Trees
  • Vandalism
  • Collapsed Net Posts
  • Collapsed Fence Posts
  • Weed Growth
  • Sinking
  • Lumps on the surface
  • Torn Carpet
  • Sagging Fence
  • Fraying Surface

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Tree Root Damage

Tennis court surfaces are very soft and can easily be pushed up by tree roots that spread under the court. At Dualway Courts, we can either cut the root at the edge of the court to prevent it growing further, knocking down the lump caused by the root, or in extreme cases, we can cut the root back and patch the tarmac back flat.

Cracking in the surface

Once cracks appear in your tennis court, they will most likely continue to get increasingly larger as the supporting stones break off, widening the crack. The expert team at Dualway Courts have developed a number of different methods to fix such problems, including:

    • Cutting out the crack, leaving a smooth edge, and filling it back in with a resin boned gravel
    • Cold set tarmac for a smooth finish
    • Depending on the age of the tarmac, we may be able to reheat the surface until it’s hot, rake it out flat and whacker it smooth, leaving your tennis court with a seamless finish.

Fallen Trees

Fallen trees destroy tennis court fences and in some cases will leave marks on the surface of your tennis court. Not only can we easily fix any issues with the surface of your tennis court, we will replace the damaged section of the fence.


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Many clubhouses will fall victim to graffiti at one time or another. At Dualway Courts, we tend to clean off any graffiti on the clubhouse when we’re cleaning your tennis courts. The most common form of vandalism we find is damage to the tennis court fence from people trying to enter the tennis courts when the gates are locked.

Our skilled team can fix any holes in your tennis court fence or gates, ensuring your tennis courts are secure once more.

Collapsed Net Posts

Net posts are constantly under a lot of tension from holding up the net, and sometimes they buckle as a result. Dualway Courts will remove the old sockets and set them back in straight.Tip: Loosen your tennis net by 2-3 turns after you play to prevent this from happening.

Collapsed Fence Posts

Whether it’s rot or the wind, every tennis court will need new fence posts at some point to support the fence.

Weed Growth

It’s surprisingly easy for weeds to grow and push through the surface of your tennis court. Dualway Courts will apply a weed killer to your tennis court and wait 2-3 weeks before coming back, removing the weeds and patching up the resulting holes with tarmac.


Sometimes, the surface of a tennis court will mysteriously sink. If sinking is causing a problem in the playing area of your tennis court, we’ll cut out the sunken area, before filling it in with soft sunken tarmac or resin bonded gravel to get a smooth and even finish.

Lumps on the Surface

We use a special heater to re-heart the surface of your tennis court, and soften it in order to knock down any lumps that are causing you a problem on the court.

Torn Carpet

At Dualway Courts, we have all the equipment necessary to make any artificial turf repairs you require.

Sagging Fences

The wire lines that hold up the tennis court fence stretch over time, and we will often tighten them whilst conducting other work. By leaving sagging fences, you risk the fence curling up at the bottom, allowing it to go out of shape and eventually collapse. The team at Dualway Courts can do any maintenance your tennis court fences need to ensure they last as long as possible.

Fraying Surface

If your tennis court surface is starting to break up, we can apply a tarmac binder in order to slow down the deterioration of the surface. As this is not non-slip, we can only apply it before a full repaint of the surface.

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