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Wet Pour Rubber Safety Surfaces

Wet Pour Rubber Safety Surfaces are becoming hugely popular in playgrounds, schools, and even our own gardens. Our safety surfaces are laid in accordance to UK fall height regulations. There is a large range of colours and even pre-made designs which we can help you choose from to create an asthetically pleasing, as well as safe surface.


Rubber Crumb

This is a pourous, hard wearing, weather-proof surface. Most commonly installed in a two layer system, with the top layer being the wearing course and a base layer of variable depth to suit fall height regulations.

Rubber Mulch

This durable material can be laid bonded or unbonded. Most common uses for this material are in landscaping, giving a beautiful low maintenance look to flower beds. Also used in playgrounds, just like rubber crumb.


Why choose rubber?

Our rubber materials come from recycled resources like tires and other car parts, and comes in an array of colours for bespoke design patterns. Wet pour rubber is an almost seamless spongy surface which absorbs impacts from trips and falls. It is an ideal surface both outdoors and indoors for schools, nurseries, playgrounds and anywhere else there may be a risk of falling.



IMAG0009 (2)



  • Schools and Nurseries
  • Playgrounds
  • Playareas
  • Sports Grounds

  • Hospitals
  • Pool Surrounds
  • Walkways
  • Tree Surrounds

  • Flower Beds
  • Stable Blocks
  • Ball Courts
  • Indoor Playrooms

How thick should the rubber be?

fall_height_rubberThe depth of material required depends upon what the area will be used for. If the area is used as a run around area with no play equipment, then the depth should be minimum 20mm.

Around play equipment, the depth of rubber depends on the fall zone and the highest platform someone could fall from.

Depth of rubber is calculated using the play equipments Critical Fall Height. The graph to the right shows at what heights the thickness of rubber below it should be.



IMAG0012 (2)


Colour and Design

colour-wheel-22 clour-wheel-1 There is a large range of vibrant colours to choose from, see colour chart:

Anything is possible in terms of design, If it can be drawn in 2D, it can be recreated in rubber crumb.

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